Beauty Knows No Age

Grandma tells all

Photography: Kenna Reed


At 94 years old, my grandmother is beautiful and full of spirit. I asked her how she has managed to keep her skin looking so good. Here are some of the tips that she shared with me.


"Take off your makeup, wash your face, and moisturize everyday. Moisturizing right when you get out of the bath is best, to seal in the moisture."


She used Pond's Cold Cream for over 30 years before switching to CHANEL, which she has used for the last 30 years.


She stayed out of the sun and when she used to golf, she always wore a hat, and long sleeves.


Her makeup regimen includes eyeliner, eyebrows, lipstick, a little concealer and face powder - Chanel was her favorite.  "Take pride in yourself, and the way you look, even going to the grocery store."


Wash your face everyday.

Moisturize religiously, right after you wash is best.

Use Chanel's skincare for 30 years. 

Wear a hat when you go in the sun.


Remove your makeup daily.

Don't wear a lot of makeup. Eyeliner, lipstick, eyebrows, blended concealer, and powder is enough.

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